Image gallery: hybrid plumes


Figure 1. Partially averaged velocity field for a single phase plume. Left: two isosurfaces of radial velocity at \langle u_r \rangle=0.1 (red) and \langle u_r \rangle = -0.07 (blue). Note the entrainment associated to negative values of \langle u_r \rangle along the plume stem below the trapping height and the formation of the lateral intrusion associated to positive values of radial velocity. Right: two isosurfaces of vertical velocity at \langle w \rangle=0.1 (red) and \langle w \rangle=-0.15. Note the plume top surrounded by a ring of downdrafts (in blue) and the formation of gravity waves (outer ring of positive \langle w \rangle).


Figure 2. Similar to above for a bubble plume. The presence of gas, characterized by the slip velocity, leads to a destratification across the entire water column and the formation of peeling regions above the main lateral intrusion.



About Alexandre Fabregat Tomàs

As a postdoctoral fellow at City University of New York, I am interested in everything related with the numerical simulation of heat and mass transport in turbulent flows.
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